“Financial success and wealth comes is either by being born to it, marrying into it, through luck, planning or coping others”.

We can not say who said this,  but the wisdom is true.

For most of us financial success does involve detailed planning and in some case just dumb luck, being in the right place and the right time. We can help you with the detailed planning and hard work.

This business service is part of a company form by Violet, the wife of a  health professional and a very success business woman in her own right, who was after a life change so the family moved to the Gold Coast and her husband is transition from the health industry.

On the Gold Coast Violet was managing various property assets (both commercial and holiday letting). This then  lead to the acquisition of management rights and the letting business involved.

So on getting her real estate license Violet decided to expand her service with the skills that she had acquired and wanted to differentiate what she did on service.

This is a newly formed company that is going to grow, because we see that the service is desired. We offer a a boutique service to provide service to a particular market sectors that are not well serviced by other players in the industry.

However, Violet knows that she can not do everything on her own and she  have gathered together experienced people  that can manage complex nature of the industry and have a deep understanding of the  sector.

Our expert staff are uniquely positioned to assist with your pro arty management needs with minimal fuss, securing fast turnaround of tenants on terms favourable to you.

You cold manage your properties on own own, any smart person could!  But why would you when someone else can manage difficult relationships and compare potential tenants in the  market for you and do it more efficiently.

Time is money and our service is worthwhile considering the cost of your time.

We will help navigate the ever-changing lending landscape of property management,, providing you with independence and helpful advice that we know has worked for Violet and other property owners..

We know you are short on time with a busy work/life schedule. Our expert staff are here to make your life easier and can work with you to ensure maximum convenience and minimal interruption.

All us on 1300948454 to discuss what we can do for you.